October 22, 2008

Welcome to Babbel-on.

So this post is directed to my Professional Development Project I'm currently working on the topic of resources for integrating technology with EAL learners. It's more difficult that you think. Just like there can be a lot of great things on the Internet, there is also a LOT of mediocre and subpar resources that teachers could fall prey to.

My job, and my rationale for this PD is to do all the hard work and provide to you - my faithful viewer/blogger - the fruits of my labour. And by fruits, I mean on-line EAL resources.

One such resource that I've found is Babbel. Babbel is a Web 2.0 invention, innovation, something-ation that is a step in the right direction towards on-line interactivity and language acquisition. With a combination of interactivity, text, audio, and visuals it makes the whole experience engaging and ... fun! I've been using the website off and on for the past couple weeks to help study for my French class, and it's been very useful (and ... fun!). I reccommend you check it out.

Also, the fine folks at Babbel also contribute to The Babbel Blog, which contrary to almost all other online service blogs: it actually has useful information beyond self-promotion and being an overglorified FAQ website. There is a lot of great information on education, technology, languages, and language acquisition - all wrapped up into a digestable relevant package. For instance, the new post is about at what grade levels did both of the USA vice-president runners speak at during their lastest national debate. Cool stuff... though disturbing/scary that Sarah Palin apparently scored higher.

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